Olivia & Sophie & Sam I am | Maui Film Childrens Photographer

There are so many cute children on this island.  And maybe because I have so many kids myself, I am always meeting more children.  I believe its a fact that I know more children in Lahaina than adults.  Adults don’t even have names anymore.. its just .. oh there’s Sammy’s mom, or Malia’s Dad. 

My girls ride horses.  And Olivia’s and Sophie’s mom teaches them how.  At Lahaina Stables.  Here’s the cuties hanging around after they finished riding themselves.  And Sam.  Sam is the stable cat.  And he loves to be petted, even by Noa.  (which would seem like torture to most cats.. Noa being a 2 year old boy and all).

Short post tonight.  Noa is sick and requires that I stay rubbing his head while he sleeps tonight.  No sleep for me. BUT A BIG REMINDER TO GO TO THE MAUI COUNTY FAIR NEXT WEEK.  Last day to enter is tomorrow and Sacred Hearts Students 7th and 8th graders are entering.  GO SEE.