Old Lahaina Prison Featured on Wedding Chicks

its always the highest compliment when a wedding blog features my work — well actually I take that back.. its the second highest.  the highest is when the brides cries and gushes over the photos.  thats the one that really counts.

but I still like it when a wedding blog features my work.   and wedding chicks did just that today.

making me happy on an otherwise just sort of ok day.  life is just never what you expect.  its a good thing im well experienced at rolling with the punches because i have had some sucker punches lately.  but more about that later.  thats also what helps in wedding and family photography, being able to stay calm and roll with the punches.  i plan on getting even calmer this year and more able to roll. in fact given what life is throwing at me and mine, I might just have to learn to be a ball and roll all the way through life in every moment.  or go back to doing yoga.

but enough about me, back to my work.  and the work of a whole lot of local maui vendors who put this altogether. all i really did was show up and take 1 roll of film.  yep.  I had 3 kids in tow and one broken camera, so i grabbed an older camera in my bag (you just never know so there is always a spare) and one roll of film.  and this is what i got. (minus the photos of my kids that were on that roll too :)).

and sorry about the parentheses.  i cannot help myself that way.  thank you wedding chicks.

lahaina wedding (1) lahaina wedding (2) lahaina wedding (3) lahaina wedding (4) lahaina wedding (5) lahaina wedding (6) lahaina wedding (7) lahaina wedding (8) lahaina wedding (10)


you inspire me so much. beautiful work. xx

amazing what one roll shot well can produce. rooting for you Wendy.

Gorgeous work, and way to roll with the punches. xoxo

Beautiful feature & I’ll be thinking of you Wendy! XOXO

Sarisa Albrecht

Hi Wendy! I saw this feature on Wedding Chicks and thought it was gorgeous. I love the blog backstory too–this from your backup camera? Awesome. Keep on rolling, lady!