Nalu’s 14th | Hawaii Fine Art Black and White Portrait Photographer

Is it possible that Nalu is in high school already. That is he is 14? When I think of the things I did and thought when I was 14, it terrifies me that he is 14.  I was a very bad child.  Although he seems much saner than I was at that age.  He still loves to hang at home and play with his cousin and is more interested in video games and paintball guns than girls or parties.  Thank goodness.  Actually for a 14 year old he might be in the top 5%.  His 13 year old attitude is all but gone and is only showing up once or twice a week.  Might the teenage years be survivable?  Ill keep you updated. Shoot with Ilford Delta 3200 black and white speed film on the Canon 1V.