Mentorship With Sarah and Chris Rhoads

You may have caught on that I did a mentorship last Friday with Sarah Rhoads and her husband Chris Rhoads here on Maui.  It was 8 hours, that passed by in a minute, where I could ask them any questions I wanted, they did a mini shoot of me, and we did a mini shoot of some models.  Of course, me being me, and this being Maui, nothing goes as planned.  The couple I had chosen to model, Dmitri & Sandra, got caught in the Maui Highway traffic closure because of a fire, and I had to improvise and call my friend Alana who got her two boys, Tristen and Tanek,  plus friend Sammy down to the beach to meet us within 15 minutes.  Best laid plans.  So instead of a quirky vintage couple shoot, Sarah had 3 teenage boys with surfboards. And she totally killed it.

I learned so much that its hard to even know where to start.  Sarah and Chris are both really down to earth and so smart and so focused especially for 26 year olds.  They were open books.  Ive been a fan from afar of Sarah’s for a long time. I love her eye, her breaking of rules and conventions, her use of negative space.  Everything about her photography speaks to me.  In the mentorship, I was able to ask any questions I wanted and they had fantastic advice about the business side of photography. The blog.  (where I need to write more and be more vulnerable.  More about that tomorrow).  The website. (clean it up — done)  The logo. (need a professional one that reflects my personality.  graphic designer?).  The prices. (up up up — book now!).

It was interesting watching her shoot and edit.  She’s a digital shooter and I shoot mostly film so there were some major differences.  She shot alot.  And I loved watching her digital work flow. She is very artistic.    For film, I shoot less and once developed its pretty much done.  So very different.  But boy oh boy is she talented. 

I didn’t shoot very much at all during our session, as I was just trying to observe her style and technique of working with the boys.  But I did shoot a couple of rolls and here are a selection from that.  The cute blonde shooting is none other than Sarah Rhoads.  Oh and her lens of choice?  35mm.