Maui County Fair WINNERS

Every year the Maui County Fair has a huge photo contest.  It used to be everyone could enter 3 photos in each category (black and white, color, or photo art) and there were winners for Maui County and State Open 1st, 2nd, 3rd,plus honorable mentions.  But they have gotten inudated with photos in the recent years, so now you can only enter 2 photos and they did away with the State Open, so there is only the top 3 for Maui County plus 2 Honorable Mention.  I have won 2nd place and honorable mention in the Open Category in years past, but nothing last year.

This year I was very hopeful for my students’ photos in the Youth Division.  ( I teach photography to the middle school kids at Sacred Hearts School).  Even though they are in middle school and competing against high schoolers from Seabury and the some of the public high schools that have good photography programs, they are really improving.

But I was blown away when I went to the Fair last night and saw that two of my students had won 1st place AND Honorable Mention in the Youth Division for black and white!!!  Congratulations to Kaile Stockholm and Teak Mcafee.  And thats despite having very low end cameras plus no photoshop or lightroom.  That really says alot.

I was finally forced to leave the Open category and enter the Expert category.  So I was very happy to have won Honorable Mention in Expert/black and white for a polaroid photo I recently took at a wedding at Kapalua Beach.  Thank you Megan and Paul (the wedding couple).