life is unfair

So, I’m not a huge blog follower.  I don’t like to look at too many other photographers’ sites or I can get confused about what I like to shoot.  But in my internet travels I have found a few blogs I couldn’t live without that have inspired me as a woman, mother, and a photographer.  One of this is nie nie.  To say that she is inspiring is a HUGE understatement.  She recently released a video, which sums up her experience and life and you can find it here.  Its called her new life.

And the person who lead me to nie nie, Natalie Norton has also been influential in my life.

Both of these women have suffered huge tragedies yet both have found the strength to write and share about their experiences and have found joy and meaning in what happened to them. 

I remember hearing a story once about a woman who desperately wanted a child.  She was a wonderful woman who had a stable home and marriage and would just adore a child and give them a wonderful life.  She tried everything and couldn’t get pregnant.  This woman went to church and did community work and gave to others and lead an exemplary life.  Finally she got pregnant.  She had a baby with disabilities.   An angel said to God, why did you give her that baby?  Its unfair.  And God said, because she is the one who can handle this baby.

I’m not Mormon.  And I’m not much of a participant in institutionalized religion.  But I believe in God and believe he works in our lives.  And the woman in the blogs above prove that to me most everyday.