LIFE CHANGING. Film Is Not Dead. Not Even Close.

Film Is Not Dead.  Not by a long shot.  And I know this because I attended Jonathon Canlas’s  Film Is Not Dead (FIND) workshop in July in San Diego.

And I can only say….LIFE CHANGING.

If you are a photographer, Im willing to bet you have attended a workshop.  And good or bad, that workshop probably effected you while you were in it, and if it was very good, maybe a bit after.  And then it sort of wore off, or you forgot, or whatever.  But not FIND.

Attending the FIND workshop will go down in my life as a pivotal moment.  And yes the workshop is that good.  Jon is an open book.  He answers every question and then millions more you didn’t think to ask.  He provides high quality materials, gives you film, tells you to contact, how to blog, what a light meter is and how to use it, beautiful and hip models, fantastic locations.  He takes you dinner and even provides grape Nehi soda in the bottle no less.  He couldn’t be more cool if he tried.  Which he absolutely does not do.   The guy is a walking encylopedia of film and all done with a smile, enthusiasm and a joke in his back pocket.

Basically you learn that shooting film is PRETTY and EASY and LESS WORK and provides UNMATCHED results. And clients LOVE it.  These are straight from the lab… read zero post processing, zero.

But that is just the beginning.  The workshop never ends.  Jon has set up a forum for all the past, present, future attendees to talk about anything from photographs, to cameras, to film, to advertising, music, film whatever.  Plus, there is a facebook group for all the backstage chatting.  Those resources have proven invaluable.

Every day, as in EVERY SINGLE DAY, my photography is IMPROVING.  I have literally hundreds of mentors and mentees (read Friends people, real genuine shot the s*** Friends).  There is someone to answer my questions and chat with any moment of any day.

  And business is good.

And where is Jon?  Jon is THERE.  ON the forum. ON facebook.  ANSWERING his emails.  ANSWERING his formspring questions.  I have a question for Jon?  No problem, I can contact him anytime. And he is HAPPY as in genuinely HAPPY  listen and talk to me.

The man is a GIVER.

And today Jon is announcing his new BOOK.  Which is basically the book that has ALL THE WORKSHOP INFORMATION in it.  I mean ALL OF IT.  What camera to shoot?  What film to use?  Where to process? How to meter?  and pretty much any other question you can think of.

Why wouldn’t you buy this book?  I have it.  Jon gave it to me.  Thats how generous this man is.  He gives things away all the time.  And even paying the ridiculously low price he has on this book is an absoutely STEAL.  This book is worth its weight in gold, or at least film.  :)

I don’t plug things often.  Im not a salesman and don’t try to be.  But if you have any interest in photography, I’m telling you.  BUY THIS BOOK. (click here)

It will change your life.

and you can thank me later.