letter to my daughters – august

i don’t know why this post is always so hard for me.

its tempting to skip it.

its not like I don’t have tons of images of my girls.

maybe its the words that are hard.

it feels a bit sappy.

which im usually not.

and I feel guilt for leaving the boys out.


a mom thing for sure.  here goes:

dear noe and hannah,

to survive middle school girl dramas.

don’t gossip.  do smile.

be kind. not right.

walk away from gossip.

say im sorry first.

be the friend you wish to have.

include everyone.

remember to be a kid and run and laugh and be wild.



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go see how much better everyone else writes.. here is kirsty lamour’s link here: http://kirstylarmourblog.com/2013/08/letter-to-my-daughters-august-2013/


Wise words indeed Wendy – ones I need to save up for when my girls reach that age – it seems so far away right now in our land of ponies and fairies but I know it’ll pass far too fast….

might be some of my favorites of yours, ever. words, too. xo

Such poignant words that seem so fitted to the time in your life. And such beautiful and carefree photos you create — absolute treasures!