This is not the only blog I run. I also run a blog called Let the Kids Dress Themselves, which shows the best people photography I can find out there.  Some family, some kids, some wedding, some portrait.  The criteria for being shown on that blog are that the photography is excellent and creative and different. Meaning we (Tory and I) do not want to see the same thing all the time. We love finding photographer’s whose work has its own style, its own signature.. or voice.

Today, I featured myself. :)  You can do that when you run a blog.  And its to show the point that even with only 6 shots of a polaroid at the beach, my work looks like my work.  I love that.

These are 3 of my kids playing at Napili Bay after school on a Thursday.  What a life.

We are also running a giveaway today on Let the Kids. So head over there and enter if you like.

napili bay (6) napili bay (2) napili bay (4) napili bay (3) napili bay (1) napili bay (5)



Hi, beautiful shots. I especially like the first and fifth. The first one is cute and I like that you only show the bottom. And the fifth has a sort of intimacy about it. Nice feel.

Adorable photos of the keiki! I love how Hawaii parents are not afraid to let the kids run around nekkid – it is such a fun part of growing up around the ocean.

Awww great blog post. Love the photo shots!

Love these shots! Pure joy and innocence at the beach!

Great shots and great looking kids.