Kristen & Brian in Black and White | Hawaii Fine Art Wedding Photography

I already posted the polaroids from this wedding where I assisted Dmitri Photography.  Being the assistant is lots of fun because I have alot more freedom than the principal photographer.  So during the ceremony I shot true black and white film, Ilford 3200 speed.  I love the grain of this film and it works great in low light situations.

But don’t get me wrong, I also love being the principal photographer (so if you are getting married, drop me a note!).  I love weddings.  Everyone is so in love and so happy.  Its such a magical time.  Makes you believe in love all over again and I get to see it all the time.  What a fantastic job. 


Great shots Wendy. How awesome to shoot film. I'm so scared. I need to practice more and get more confident :-) Awesome job! Will try some of that film. Where is the best to buy it?

Hey Ashley. Ebay is probably the cheapest and b and h is probably the easiest!