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I am a beach girl at heart – love the ocean, the salt, the sand, the sun, the colors.   I moved to Hawaii the day after graduating Stanford Law School and never looked back.  As my babies
came along (I have 4!), I started to experiment with photography.  That experimenting quickly grew into a head over heels love affair with film photography.

Film captures light, water, and color in a gorgeous magical way that inspires me and will make you happy.  Hawaii is just plain gorgeous with tons of color and light and film
handles that light best and truly records those colors for timeless photos.  You are getting married in Hawaii for crying out loud, you may as well extract all the best
parts of Hawaii off the island and into your photographs! My ability to do this makes me a stand out choice in this great big ocean.   I have been shooting weddings full time for
six years and have the experience and knowledge necessary to create amazing art for you.

I LOVE to make my clients happy. I love when they fall in love with their photos,

when they rave, and when they have tears.

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photo credit: yan photo