Im a bit of an insomniac

Its strange.  I did everything right last night.  Went to bed at the regular time.  Didn’t eat any sugar or caffeine yesterday.  Read myself to sleep.  Yet I was wide awake at 230 a.m. and just couldn’t go back to sleep. I hate that.  Now its 6:22 a.m. and I should be waking up the kids and starting the day.  I go through phases.  Is it my hormones?  Most likely.  Or stress?  Probably.

Its a busy time, Christmas.  So much to do.

Anyway, Im looking all of my years today.  Hope I sleep well tonight.

Here’s some photos of my Hannah.  Who sleeps well and looks young, because well, she is YOUNG.  Love her to the moon and back.



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Cici, Tim and TJ
From a super quick little Christmas card session…. cute cute family…  TJ is Noa’s best friend.