Hope | Hawaii Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Hope.  Its makes all things survivable.  It brings joy in the most desperate situations. Its necessary.  I have hope.  Nothings perfect.  Nothing may be going right.  But the fact that he got elected in the USA brings me hope.  I may not agree with everything he has done.  And he may have one of the worst economic situations to deal with.  But I have hope.

And thinking of the 9/11 victims and survivors.  Here’s to hope.


Love all your work. You're an amazing photographer with a great eye and I love that you still do film. It does have a totally different feel doesn't it? Love the previous blog too. I've been told almost the same thing about myself and also wonder what impression I give other people when I think a totally different way about myself!

Hi Tytia. You dont sound cold either! :)