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Going Long.. | Maui Photographer//02/28/2012

So, I have this little circle of friends. We are all photographers in Hawaii and we like to do a project a month.  For fun. To push ourselves.  To be outside of our comfort zone. Because isn’t that where all the fun is?

So we have some long exposures.  Normally I hate to do anything that requires a tripod. I like to move. But this requires it and it makes shooting at night very fun.

When you are done looking at mine, head over to Trish Barker’s site here and see what she has done.  You can follow all of our links and see the whole gangs.

lahaina hawaii photography

These were all taken at night. The last two are on Haleakala. I am going to do a long exposure during the day.. I am I am I am. Watch for it.
Have a great day,

  1. so beautiful. I love your eye (and the fact that you have the patience and skill to shoot with film). You are the master…

  2. I must take the tripod out more. I had a lot of fun!

  3. i gotta do one at night!!! that middle one is my fave!

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