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In the last week, I have gotten the advice several times to be more personal on my blog and talk more openly about my life.  Sarah Rhoads gave me this advice as well as Ree Drummond on her blog.  Ree’s advice was to treat the blog as if I were talked to my sister and Sarah’s was to treat it as a personal journal.

Im finding it hard to do that in real life.   But Ill try anything once (as the saying goes).

Someone said to me the other day that I was not “warm and fuzzy” (mother in law).  It was said in anger in the midst of a crisis (marital), but still.  Its got me thinking.  I feel very warm and fuzzy toward my kids.  All of them shown above.  And I feel like Im a good friend and a friendly person.  I am pretty shy in social situations, so I tend to hang back. No one ever accused me of being the life of the party, thats for sure, but cold?  I really don’t think so.

It makes me wonder if you can be one way in your true self. How you usually are. But in one relationship, be a different way.  Maybe you feel cold in that one relationship?  Maybe you don’t really want to be there?  Or you are putting up with someone?  Or that person is very cold so you are mirroring that back to them?

I have no answers, only questions.  But Im resolved to trying to be more “warm and fuzzy” and much more open on my blog.  I think this will be a journey.  And Im not sure where the limits are, Im sure there is stuff Id put in a personal journal that shouldn’t be out on the internet, but I guess Ill figure that out as I go.

As far as the kids are concerned, I kiss and hug them way way too much.  As it should be.  Pretty darn warm and fuzzy.

All shot with Polaroid 600SE with 3000 film and scanned negatives.


Love this post. You are one of the warmest women I know wendy.. fuzzy no.. warm yes. This is why your photos speak to so many people ( whether they tell you this on your blog or not), because your warmth and love for people, who they are and who THEY love, SHINES thru the photos you take. Awesome job.

Awwww. Alana. Might possibly be the nicest thing ever written to me!

The people who deserve your attentiveness and compassion know who they are and receive it. We haven't seen you in a million years, however, the "warm & fuzzies" as it were that you & your dad shared with many of us neglected, wayward teenagers many moons ago shaped who we are today… and we are able to share with those we love and care about. So you see, you are definitely those and much much more.
Toni & Rachel DMR Twins

Wow Toni & Rachel… that is really sweet. I always wondered how you guys remembered those days. Its really nice to hear. Thanks.