Family on the Beach

most of my family shoots are shot on the beach.

because its so pretty.

and so maui.

and so many families that hire me are visiting

from places where there isn’t all this glorious beach.

i used to not like shooting on the beach, but now its my absolute favorite

wide open blue skies and sunshine.  can’t beat it.

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so much fun! Love that little girl with her freckles! what a cutie!

I’m so happy you love shooting on the beach now because that means more amazing images like the ones above. Such a fun family session & I love that last image!

Gorgeous session Wendy – great variety. FILM loves the beach doesn’t it – handles the lighting so well. You are totally at home on the beach.

Love these beach shots! The lighting is amazing and the family looks like their having so much fun.

GORGEOUS family session! What wonderful memories for this family to have!

GORGEOUS!! the colors are to die for! and her freckles are too stinking cute! love these, wendy!!

What a lucky family – to have such a wonderful vacation together AND to have such beautiful images taken by you! What a treasure for them.

The open skies, clean water and fresh air…it brings the best out in all of us!
Love these!!

So much fun! This family is adorable, and you captured their personalities so well!

Yes, I am now certain that I need to visit Maui when we have little ones so that you can capture fun images of us like this!! SO lovely!