FACES OF HAWAII 2011 | Maui Wedding and Family Photography

Last year I entered the Faces of Hawaii competition, and was denied being featured in the book, but got an image into the exhibit.

This year I entered the Faces of Hawaii competition, and one of my images made the book, while the other two made the exhibit only.  That makes me happy.

The kicker?  Hannah (my 9 year old) entered the Faces of Hawaii competition with one image.  That image MADE THE BOOK!  That makes me even happier.

My image of Hannah made the book.  Hannah’s image of her sister made the book.  Those are the first two.  The third and fourth are my images that made the exhibit only.

My photo of Hannah — made the book
Hannah’s photo of Noe — made the book
bottom two made the exhibit (cross processed never wins me contests but I love them!)



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