Everything I need, I already have| Hawaii Children Photographer

Ever have those days when you want the whole world to slow down and stop so you can catch up?  I am having them one after another lately. I cannot remember the last time I put my clean laundry away.  I guess I should just be grateful that the laundry is clean.

Ive been reading lots of inspiring posts lately.  My favorite has to be Lara Casey’s today.  Here it is stolen word for word:

You’re overwhelmed.  You don’t have time, patience, money, sleep, rest, or peace right now.  You’re not sure what’s going to happen next or how you will get through.  You feel stuck.  Not sure how to ride the waves instead of being trampled by them. You want the best for the people you love, but stress keeps you from being your best self.  Stress keeps you from acting from a place of love.

Please imagine the following on a giant billboard outside your window:  Fear isn’t tangible.  You can’t touch fear.  Which means, fear can’t touch you.  The tough love is that it’s all in your head.  How do you break out of it?  ACT.  Do something.  Bit by tiny bit, build your life back up.  Build it up new.  Begin anywhere.  Say it, send it, stop it, start it, move it, love, give, forgive, just do.  It’s physical.  Take the positive warnings fear brings, then make a decision and launch.  It’s called a leap of faith for a reason.  A leap not a hop or a step.  It feels like flying, like you may not land, as if for a split second you are weightless.  It’s scary.  But, then you land and something crazy happens.  You have sprouted real wings.  You feel even better than you did in flight.  Do not let fear, the intangible, paralyze you any longer.  Life is too short. 
Right now, stop.  Breathe it all in.  You can do this.  Slow down and feel whatever you are feeling – anger, sadness, joy, pain, whatever.  Feel it, then let yourself remember the great times, the sunsets, the water, the laughter, the joy, the excitement, and the sweet words.  Remember the love.  It’s still there.  It never left in the first place.  You’ve got this.  God had it taken care of before he created the ground you leap from. 
Everything you need, you already have.

Its really nice to be reminded that everything I need, I already have.  I needed that.  Thanks Lara.