Birthday Girls!!! | Hawaii Portrait Photographer

Its getting to be birthday season around here… or I guess it has been birthday season.  My son and husband were in August but now its Girl Time!!!!  Cousin Demi has her birthday this weekend with a pool party and then little friend Jocelyn has her 2 year old party with more pool on Sunday.  And little Noelle’s 7th birthday is just around the corner.  

When I was growing up, a birthday party was friends from school, pin the tail on the donkey (no joke), playing in our basement and then cake.  Period.  End of story.  So why are all birthday parties such grand affairs these days?  I know families that have ponies, jumping castles, clowns, face painting etc.  Like a mini fair.  We are trying to bring it back with simple sleepovers and playing in the yard.  The parties this weekend are way more our style… friends and little girls crusing around the pool for a couple of hours. 

Happy Birthday Demi & Jocelyn!!!!!!  (Noelle you have to wait 3 more weeks  :) ).


Oh my gosh! That first shot is FANtastic!

Yes Wendy, I am mormon, you found out my secret to scoring young bride clients! We mormons like to pair up early for some reason, me included (age 20!) :)

Seems to be working for you! (personally and professionally :). I didn't realize mormons were the coolest people around. Learning every day.

Love the pictures of Demi and Noelle.
Any chance I could get them on M-Pix?