best of 2013 weddings

i love compiling the best of posts.

its where I can really see my voice.

and i feel pride in what i have created

and honored by the brides and grooms you have chosen me.

thanks for looking.

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Oh Wendy, your work is just so gorgeous!! I can never get over what a clear voice you have that shows through every image. Loved looking through your year in review and can’t wait for everything you’ll share in 2014!

Oh Wendy! Your photos are stunning!! I want to come to Hawaii so bad with seeing all of these lovely photos even more! I can’t wait to see what 2014 has to hold for you!

WOW Wendy! You know I LOVE your work! What a fantastic year! LOVE your color….and was that a double exposure of a bride & sand…so stunning!! Can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store!!

Oh my goodness! This is so fun, but I especially LOVE the double exposure with the bride and the sand. Uhmazing!!

WENDY! Your work is amazing. Such vivid colors, I just love it!

as always so good and so fun!!!

Amanda Peters

This makes me even more excited to have you as our photographer!! I can’t wait!!!

What a year! Beautiful work Wendy. I can see how color drives your work so much. That one grainy one of the bride looking to the left… omg… in love what that one. Double exposure? Super rad…

yes.. double exposure with the sand! hence the grain. :)

Now THAT is a best-of post! So many lovely images!!!!

Goete Ferreira

Incredible set of images Wendy! I cannot wait to see what’s coming in 2014.

what an incredible 2013 you had! all of your images are so full of life & make me smile so much! your brides & grooms were incredibly lucky to have you capture their days! xo

Wow! You are so INSANELY talented, girl! That set of the bride in the peach dress standing on the lava rocks. GAH!!! I need vow renewals in HI stat! Seriously, everyone needs to hire you! <3

You do such amazing work, Wendy! Your 2013 looks like it was insane! Congratulations with all of these image and obviously amazing clients. :)


Every time I visit your blog, I fall in love with the colors and with Hawaii! Lovely work as always!!

WENDY!!!! THESE ARE AMAZING! holy moly!! i want to live in these images! the colors, the sunlight, the joy, the smiles, the water! I DIE! that’s it. i’m jumping on a plane to hawaii tonight. (okay, maybe not)

Can I just say that you have some of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen?! Wow. You really know how to capture the beauty of getting married in Hawaii!

Love that grainy shot of senecca! Gorgeous work, Wendy!

SO much pretty in one post!! I’m dying over those images with the black rocks… wow!

WOW! Such stunning work, Wendy! I tried to keep track of my favorites along the way…but I had too many to even keep track. Each and everyone of these clients are lucky to have found you! :)

Oh how I LOVED looking through this collection of images, Wendy!! What an INCREDIBLE 2013 you had! So many joyful moments and truly creative images – your work is so inspiring!!!

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