Best of 2013 Maui Family Photography

Its still January so I can post this right?

Its so fun going through all the images of families I shot on Maui beaches last year.

These are all from family shoots.  My Best of 2013 Maui Weddings is here.

And my Best of 2013 Me and Mine is coming next!

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if you like my light and joy filled style of Maui Family Photography, you can book your own session here or give me a shout at or a call at 808.280.2911.
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Love your Maui Family Photography! So Maui style!

AHHH SO much pretty in one post! I can hardly stand it! That 2nd black and white from the bottom is PURE perfection!

You have such a beautiful way of capturing life. Love all of these.

Totally obsessed with the bright colors, the happy faces & the beautiful photography in this post. What an incredible 2013 you had! xo

I’ve always loved your work Wendy! If I ever need a bit of vacation I just come here. Thanks for sharing!!

Awww I can see my ohana here :))) Couldn’t ask for a better photographer to capture us! We love working with you Wendy, you rock!

Perfect colors, perfect smiles, perfectly captured :)

So fun. So sunny. So bright. So Wendy!

Wendy Laurel: photographer of love and light! :) Seriously though, such beautiful images!! Love the way you see life :)

Oh my goodness Wendy, I just LOVE your family images!! I feel the love I’m every one of these pictures, you are so talented my friend!!

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Your photos are pure joy Wendy!

I love the feel of these images! So warm and loving.

ah, fantastic family shots – so full of light and love.

I freakin LOVE you colors. They’re so bright and so perfect for Maui. All of them are amazing, there’s not 1 i like more than the other. You had an awesome 2013!