Andrew + Sarah | Maui Wedding Photography

I love this couple.. first thing Sarah said to me?  I don’t even want to do this (meaning the ceremony and the photographs).. she wanted to just go to city hall and have no fuss, but well you know the family(s).  So heading out to Maui and getting married at the Ritz Carlton was their dream “hillbillly” wedding.

Next thing she said, “I don’t want to pose for photos.. ”  And then she proceeded to be one of the most laid back, easy to pose and happiest bride I have seen.

Super simple and drop dead gorgeous.  The couple and the ceremony.

Here is a sneak preview (the film is still off getting developed, just had a couple at the end of a roll that I got back fast).

maui wedding photographer (3) maui wedding photographer (2) maui wedding photographer (1)