and its a baby

its a nice change of pace
to slow down for a little newborn session
quiet, patience, and sleepiness
i forget what its like having a baby in the house

such a successful feeling when you get a baby to go to sleep
and this little guy was so super sweet






















this was shoot in 2 sessions.. one at home when he was only a few days old
and one 2 weeks later in my studio with a little more light and little more chub.


Love everything about this! What a handsome little guy. Congrats to his mom and dad!

Wow, Wendy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen your newborn work before. STUNNING! I love every single shot SO much. I have to say, though, that the b&w breastfeeding shot (2nd photo) is seriously amazing.

thats my favorite one too!!!!

Wow a PERFECT shoot. So many favorites here. Especially the one of baby sleeping with mom looking right at you with her hair covering one eye!

Oh Wendy, this is absolutely perfect. SO sweet and full of love!!

Wendy these are seriously the most beautiful newborn pictures, I am just in awe of how peaceful they are. Everytime I come to your blog I never want to leave and today I just want to crawl right into these pictures. I love this so so so much!

Wendy, these are absolutely beautiful!!!! You’re actually the best.

the love in the mothers face awwww. i just adore these photos, the colors and textures in the backgrounds, hair draped across the baby. the feeding shot is genuis (shot through the hair)

Oh, Wendy. I am in tears right now! These are SO perfect and beautiful and sweet. Makes me think of my little men and the tenderness that is motherhood. *sniff* I’m going to get a tissue now. lol

Chrissy murphy

Love the pictures. What a great looking family. Red is absolutely beautiful!! Miss and love you guys

Gorgeous !! I love how natural they are. This is how every baby photo session should be like.

In Love with this session!! Beautiful family, so many sweet moments, and their home gets incredible light! All smiles over here as I poured over this post :)

Every image of the mom laying next to her sweet baby makes me smile! So feminine yet so powerful. Amazing job!

The ones with her hair draping the babe… wow. no words!

I love all of the sweet and intimate moments with momma and baby!!

I am always blown away by your wedding work Wendy… and then you come out and share something like this. All around you are just such a talented photographer. Oh my gosh and that first photo.. what a stunning portrait. I felt so much connection looking at it. Top to bottom, what a stunning newborn photography session. This family is SO lucky to have had you!!

Oh my goodness, these are all so sweet and perfectly beautiful! I’ve forgotten too, what it’s like to have a baby in the house, and these make me remember that it’s warm, sweet, wonderful and really a miracle. Great images Wendy.

This is amazing Wendy! I love the way you’ve incorporated the color blue in the design of the composition. You are a true artist!

OMG – these black and white images are amazing – so so sweet. Looking at these gave me goosebumps. What a wonderful session – this family is lucky to have these special moments captured forever!

Beyond adorable!!! Wendy you are the best!!! love love love and love this session!!! Thanks for sharing it :)

Oh my goodness. Baby fever over here. So so sweet.

Cynthia Holland

Thank you for sharing such stunning and touching photography! Not too difficult to capture such a beautiful family! (Rachael’s Auntie on Mainland)

Wow Rachael, this is so beautiful