All Mine — Up Close & Personal | Maui Family & Childrens Photography

I had to test a camera.

So I choose my favorite subjects.

Four kids and a dog.

All unruly.

In their own unique ways.

 Nalu.  14 years old + ADD.  Need I say more?  (any advice welcomed).

 Hannah.  9 years old next week.  BIG heart.  SUPER emotional.  A recent vegetarian.  And even declined the chicken dinosaurs tonight.  Wow.

 Noa.  3 next week.  Thats his normal look.  Watch out.  Recent escapades involved decorating with toothpaste, clogging toilets, and stealing car keys.

 Noe (Noelle).  7.  Sweet as pie.  Sort of like a jumping bean.  Never ever stops moving.

Nick.  1 1/2 in our years.  Loves to run.  And chew our toys.

Thats the main cast of characters in the daily drama of my life. 

And Im thinking the camera works!

Contax 645, 80mm lens, with close up filter.  (bargain deal on ebay).


I love this post. Love that you posted a great picture of each one and a description. You have beautiful children. You so are so blessed! AND blessed with a contax! I'm totally going to bug you to use it Sunday night until you say yes. I'll be like your 6th kid..ha!

Ashley…. of course.. and I have two contax. I couldn't resist the bargain. Borrow away!


What two?? You are the luckiest gal I know!!

Alana Rucynski

Love these.
those eyes…

Thanks everyone. And yes, super lucky. Saying thanks everyday for these guys. The cameras are just an extra blessing.