Photo Albums

I have been married 18 years. There are no wedding photos up on the walls anymore… they have been replaced by family and children photos. Neither me or my husband have any clue where our wedding photos are. But our wedding album? That is right in the living room cabinet, right next to all our family photograph albums.

I believe in albums. They last. They stand the test of time. They are great for showing the kids and someday the grandkids.  And they are fun to look at on a rainy day.

The albums I offer are archival quality (meaning they last and last).  They come in either a leather or linen cover with either thin or thick pages, depending upon your preferences.  Wedding albums are usually great in a 10″ or a 12″ album.  Family or parent albums are great in any size.  A 50 page wedding album can tell the story of your whole wedding day, while a 30 page album is great for an elopement, family session, or shorter wedding coverage.

I custom design each album with your photographs and then you have the opportunity to preview online and make any comments for revisions to the photo selections or layouts as you desire.  Its a simple process designed to make it as easy as possible for my clients.

Every album comes with engraving or debossing on the front cover as well as an optional cameo window on the front cover showing a photograph.



Leather Album

30 pages                     50 pages

thin/thick                    thin/thick

8”     $1400/ $1900      $1900/ $2400

10”     $1700/ $2100      $2100/ $2800

12”     $2000/ $2400     $2400/ $3200


Linen Album

30 pages                        50 pages

thin/thick                       thin/thick

8”     $1000/ $1400         $1400/ $2000

10”     $1200/ $1700        $1600/ $2300

12”     $1400/ $1900        $1800/ $2500