Ajja | Maui Fine Art Photography

Ajja is a photographer right here on Maui.  I was honored when she asked me to shoot some photos of her for her new website.  The girl is as sweet fun and energetic as she looks in this photos, with a huge splash of romantic thrown in.

To see the whole shoot or buy prints, click here.

mahalo Ajja,


Awesome photos for her site!

wendy, these are exactly what i was going for! you got me to love pictures of myself.?! like i said 'miracle worker'. that green wall….so cool!

Catherine Rhodes

Oh I just love these! Ajja looks amazing! Wonderful job Wendy, your photography always looks fabulous.

awesome wendy!! these are the ones from the find laboratory, yes? cool :)

beautttiful girl. wonderful photos. love the one where Ajja is laughing in the hat and glasses!!

Christy Eriksson

These are so fun and I love the lighting. Ajja you look beautiful.