Wendy Laurel

wendy laurel

Things I LOVE:

my kids.. all four of them.  the smell of the ocean, sand on my feet and clear blue skies.  I love color and design.  white painted wood floors.  school (yes I loved it).  creating images that make people happy. joy. surfboards and ipods.  music.  stripes. lots of stripes.  love and weddings.  pink lip gloss.  colored bright surfboards.  white walls.  toys. film.  polaroids.  daisies.  my whole family.  yoga.  my black and white dog nick even though he won’t leave the trash alone.  my mac computer.  rainbows.  laughter.  books. palm trees and the trade winds.  waves.  beautiful black and white images in frames.  brides and grooms.  walking and running.  tears in the groom’s eyes.  my son’s drawings.  art.  + people of all kinds.

I LOVE to make my clients happy. I love when they fall in love with their photos, when they rave, and when they have tears.

Shooting families and love and kids are my favorite things to do — I love maui family photography.

photo credit: jonathan canlas

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