Why I Shoot Film

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I love people of all kinds.

And I love for my photography  to capture  your unique personalities and style and relationships.

I have been shooting photography for over 8 years and constantly learning and improving my skills through experience, workshops, and college level courses.   I am proficient with both digital and film photography. But I choose to shoot film

Why I shoot film is easy to answer. The colors.  The look of the film.  The satisfaction I get from shooting film.   The challenge and skill required.  I learned on digital but film is the reason I love photography.  And one of the reasons you will love my photographs.

My shooting film only means that my photos have amazing color, depth, and luminosity. Besides that, it is all the same as a digital shooter. My film is developed and scanned by the top lab in the world (Richards Photo Lab in Hollywood) and then they send me the digital files. The files go up onto my online gallery where you can download them, order a DVD, order prints or enlargements or an album.

I love to be creative, and most of all, I love to be happy. I think my photography reflects this.     My images are definitely artistic and creative and honest.

My work is inspired by color, patterns, and composition. I love to look at both fashion and surf magazines for inspiration — sort of a surfer girl a la Vogue mentality.   Lots of color, a bit of quirkiness, and everyone having a really good time.