10 on 10 May

lomo wide toy camera.

noa’s baptism.

not a sunny day.

keawa’lai church.


same church we were married and all four kids were baptised and mom’s ashes in the sea

into the ocean he goes.

hugs for mom.

hi five for dad.

he was brave.

check out the talented Rachel Devine’s 10 on 10 post too and follow the circle around.

10 on 10 (8) 10 on 10 (10) 10 on 10 (9) 10 on 10 (7) 10 on 10 (6) 10 on 10 (4) 10 on 10 (5) 10 on 10 (3) 10 on 10 (2) 10 on 10 (1)



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him clutching your hand, and those hands on that perfect head….so moving. xo

too lovely a day shared Wendy. so special and sweet.

I LOVE MAUI!!! Gorgeous photos!



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