10 on 10 January — To my girls

The end of this year has brought some big changes in my family.  It turns out my children, especially my daughters, need me to be way more present than I have been.  I’ve done my best to be a good parent.. never late for pick up, we go to fun activities in the afternoon, and I’m home most of the time.

But that hasn’t cut it.  And for that I am sorry.

There are a lot of pressures on kids these days, on parents, on everyone. Its not easy growing up and its not easy being a parent. We are learning together.

wendy laurel

To my girls:

Dear Hannah and Noelle,

You are both a blessing to me.  Your light and presence defines my life.    And never lose the closeness you share. Its special and its rare and its something you can count on for the rest of your lives together.  I marvel at your relationship.  And while you will always be “my girls”, I also recognize the differences and the needs of both of you individually.

my girls (1) my girls (2)

Hannah, you are stronger than you know.  You have a wide open heart that takes in everything. Your intelligence and drive continually surprise me.  You are only 10.  That is a young, sweetness.  You have a whole life of pink moments that will include love, friendships you cannot imagine now, first kisses,  loving to learn, new places, magic and a rainbow or two.  I couldn’t be more proud of who you are and how you are growing up.  You exceed any expectation I have for you. And remember always that everything you desire, everything you need, you can find within yourself.  You are more than good enough for me.  And I promise to snuggle you always, put you first, and put down that annoying phone after 2 p.m. every day.

Love, Mommy

P.S. no more kumon.

Noelle, you and your Snoopy dance.  Your lightheartedness, your pure joy is nothing but a pure blessing to all who know you. .. but especially to your family.  The depth of your loyalty to Hannah and your deep bond to her is a constant inspiration to me who grew up without a sister.  I love how you laugh and cause others to laugh alongside you. But I see beneath that to your deeper levels and know your strength and intelligence.  You are smarter than you give yourself credit for and one of the strongest people I know. Remember when you broke your arm?  And I couldn’t be there because I was upstairs at the hospital with complications after just having given birth to your brother that day?  You. Are. A. Powerhouse.  I look forward to our daily walks and runs and promise to always have time for you and only you.  Love your mama.


I broke rules with this post. These photos were not taken in a single day.  But it tells our story as it is today.  Hurt but not broken, love filled, and perfectly imperfect.

my resolutions:

1. unplug everyone more

2. im unplugged after 2 pm everyday

3. be kinder than necessary

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Oh, “a lifetime of pink moments”. I am going to remember that when my girls are a touch older. :) Beautiful words and photos, Wendy. And I love any chance to see your amazing home!!!

What a lovely, lovely heartfelt post. Thank you for sharing it with us. It’s so honest to admit when we know we need to step up to the plate more. And sharing that with others helps all of know that it’s okay and that we can change it. Thank you!

beautiful words…. beautiful photos… you are inspiring me to do the same. thank you!

Wendy, Oh so lovely. Your little beauties look like best friends. I love the rules you have put in place. I have a feeling we are needing to follow suit in our own house.

There is so much truth in your words! gorgeous girls and gorgeous photos!!

absolutely beautiful Wendy….the photos, the letters, the commitment to change for your girls. xo Have a Happy 2013!

What a lovely moment to step back and enjoy the blessings you’ve created. Gorgeous girls, and I love your 2pm rule. I need to commit to something similar myself.

You are a beautiful mom and I hope we get to meet in person some day! These words and images are so special.

what a truthful, heartfelt posts; I also found it inspiring- I am determined to unplug more in 2013!

i loved reading your words wendy! i know exactly how you feel… our kids grow up too quickly! i was feeling exactly how you are so we moved to bali for a year long family adventure! we are working very little and looking forward to being more involved with audreys school life. its only been 11 days so we are far from settled yet but im excited about the changes! i look forward to following your journey too x